Moms Tray Lasagna

Starting at: $24.99

Free Zeppoles..........

Every Day Is a Customer Birthday Celebration

Join us for This Special Moment of Time with all the Goombas, I Mean who don't want some delicious Zeppoles, Absolutely FREE.

Is It Your Birthday soon? No!

Who cares, celebrate anyway.
Get Your Free Zeppoles Today.

(misspellings' are intentional, and may even be funny)

Dear La Famiglia Member

Since we are piesan's I wanted to tell you more about the restaurant by offering you the chance to celebrate in our La Famiglia with one big mangia! Mangia!

Here is an offer you can't refuse, hey it's good enough for family, you know what I mean?
Wink, Wink.
Except you don't have to bring presents! All you have to do is eat moms lasagna any time this month.

We have been working on these very special 5 pound family size trays, just for you. It makes me think back to home as a kid and the memory of moms lasagna.

Our family here at Slicz Brick Oven Pizzeria, in the tradition of mom and grandma, have created this wonderful home made, fresh, Moms in every sense of the word, lasagna. I thought I heard a harp playing just then.
This is the glue sort of speak, that holds the family together. Hot, home cooked lasagna that everyone loves.

This lasagna is everything you ever wanted lasagna to be. Not to many noodles (homemade of course), lots and lots of cheese and home made ricotta, spiced to prefection with moms homemade tomato sauce.
Mom sometimes would call her sauce gravy.

All smothered in mozzarella cheese.

And we even thrue in free fresh cooked zeppoles all surgery and soft.
If you know whats good for you you should get a big loaf of garlic bread!
Rustic home baked crunchy garlic bread. I see dippin in your future.

I can smell that lasagna baking now. Can you almost taste it? If you want yours you better hurry, we don't know how long we can keep this lasagna marathon open, so make mom proud and order right away (its alright if you tell a little white lie about spending all day working in the kitchen making it, we wont tell)

You have two options, 3 if you can resist moms lasagna!
Option 1; you can give us an hour (two would be better) to make a family tray of cheese, meat or spinach lasagna, cook it and then deliver it HOT (or ready to bake cold)!
Option 2; you can come get it hot (or cold and heat it at home).

With $5 bucks off, the celebration is that much better! A tray of moms cheese lasagna is only $24.99 per tray, It is made in a big pan that you can keep heat and serve from,  approximately feeds a family of 6, (and you can split it and freeze it for another night).  You can add meat or spinach for $4.99 more, or a Large size garden salad with home made Italian dressing for only $6.49 more.

Oh, I almost forgot about the bread! Momma Mia, what was I tinken, maybe it coulda been I was tinking about that Gina girl, pretty cute. Forget About It! We threw in all the stops and included a full loaf of garlic bread with every tray, so there should be plenty to go around.

Don't be ah scared! It's delicious.

I was 100% positive that you did not forget about that free dessert...
When I was a kid madone, each zeppole was like having your own cake.

I hope you like moms zeppoles. (I just crossed my chest) You get 6 free with every tray.

Hey guys it was fun talking to ya. Remember without you in our La Famiglia we have nothing.

Just to recap let me put all the goodies on the list:

Family tray of Moms home made cheese lasagna
One whole loaf of our absolutely delicious garlic bread, fresh garlic & herbs, olive oil and so much more.
6 Zeppoles.
Just $24.99 That's alotta savings!

And you can add a Family size garden salad for just $5.95 more.
And you can add meat or spinach for just $4.99.

Momma mia thats ah making me hungry.

P.S. If you are all alone or just want to be alone with that one perfect lasagna. No problem we have single servings, like everything else, we make it fresh. So if you like meat, spinach or plain cheese you are in luck.

P.S.S If you are not a member of our La Famiglia News, don't worry. (not necessary for this special) The only ding we need is your address, email address and the month and day you were born (put 1900 for the year), you can signup online, its quick and easy.
And the other special discount offers will be all yours as part of La Famiglia.

P.S.S. Once you signup you will get specials and discounts, when available that are reserved only for La Famiglia members, including a coupon for 6 FREE Garlic Knots & sauce with any purchase of $6 or more.
So join now, it only takes 1 minute. Click Here
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Good Food, Good Friends, Mangia, Mangia.
The Goombas at
Slicz Brick Oven Pizzeria, Italian at it's best. From scratch!

We have catering trays (1/2 and full) also available.


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